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Step by Step Process for

Rezone / Special Use/ Future Land Use Map Amendment / Variance



Step 1- Pre-Application Staff Review


Submit for a pre-application staff review. 


Upon review, staff may deem it necessary for a zoom or in person meeting to further discuss the application.  You will be contacted if this is required. 


If no meeting is necessary, you will receive an email with staff notes pertaining to your application.  These notes are a required attachment for application submittal. 


Pre-Application Review Request

Step 2 - Application Submittal


Applications are due the last Monday of the month.  If that Monday falls on a holiday, the next business day will be the application submittal deadline.


Planning Commission & Board of Commissioners Application Submittal Deadlines and Public Hearing Dates


Board of Appeals Application Submittal Deadlines and Public Hearing Dates

Application Attachments Needed


The following required attachments are needed to submit a COMPLETE application. 


Attachment A - Disclosure of Campaign Contributions


Attachment B - Proffered Conditions


Attachment C - Applicant / Owner Certification


Pre-Application Staff Review


Letter of Intent

Site Plan /Concept Plan 

Boundary Survey (This can sometimes be the same as your Site Plan / Concept Plan)

Water or Sewer Availability Letter (Not required for BOA applications)


Sewer Letter / Environmental Health Approval (Septic Letter)  (Not required for BOA applications)

Copy of Recorded Plat (Can be obtained from the Clerk of Superior Court)

Legal Description (This can be found on the Warranty deed, if it is not, it can be obtained from your surveyor)


Step 3 - Initial Staff Review & Application Acceptance Pending Payment


Initial Staff Review

Initial staff review is performed after the submittal deadline. 

Once the initial staff review is complete, if applicable, you will receive an email notification requesting additional information.

Application Acceptance Pending Payment

If no additional information is required, you will receive an email notification that the application is accepted pending payment.  At this time, you will be given instructions on payment options.



Step 4 – Application Accepted


Once payment is received, you will received an “Application Accepted” email.  At this time, you will be issued a case number.  This case number will be included in all future communications. 



Step 5 – Withdrawal of Application & Public Notice


You may choose to withdraw the application at any time.  To withdraw, please send an email requesting to withdraw your application.

Refunds are only given prior to the Legal Advertisement minus a $50 administrative fee. 



Zoning regulations require public notice must be given prior to all zoning hearings as follows:


1.  A legal advertisement shall be published not less than 15 days, and not more than 45 days prior to the public hearing.  **The County places this ad.


2.  A public notice sign shall be placed in a conspicuous location on the property not less than 15 days and not more than 45 days prior to the public hearing. **You will be contacted from our office via email notification that your sign(s) are ready for pickup.

Multiple sign posting on a site may be required as determined by the Department of Economic & Community Development. Signs must remain on property until an Action Notice is received.  If your sign is damaged or missing you may contact our office for a new sign.

Step 6 – Planning Study


Staff will review your application and make a recommendation via a Planning Study to the Board / Commissioners. 


This Planning Study will be added to your case file no later than 1 week prior to your scheduled public hearing. 


You can view your case file on our website at the link below. 

Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners Public Hearing Cases

Board of Appeals Public Hearing Cases

Step 7 – Public Hearing


Board of Appeals - Plan to attend the meeting to answer any questions the board members may have. 


Planning Commission & Board of Commissioners - Plan to attend BOTH meetings to answer any questions the  Commissioners may have.  The Planning Commission is a recommending body only!  The Board of Commissioners has the final vote on your request. 


If you cannot attend the meeting, you may have a representative attend in your place.  You or your representative will present your case before the commissioners. 


Public Hearing Procedures can be found here: PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURES.pdf

Step 8 – Action Notice


Once minutes have been approved, you will receive an Action Notice regarding your case within 7 business days via email.

Minutes must be approved before Action Notices are issued!


Board of Appeals - Meeting minutes will be approved at the NEXT scheduled meeting after your Public Hearing. 

*A quorum is required for voting to take place at a meeting.


Planning Commission & Board of Commissioners - Meeting minutes will be approved at the NEXT scheduled Board of Commissioners meeting after your Public Hearing date.  *A quorum is required for voting to take place at a meeting.

Once the Action Notice has been issued, the request is considered complete.  At this time, Public Notice sign(s) are to be removed from the property. If your request was approved, you may proceed with the next step in your request. 


The action requested on the application CAN NOT be completed until an Action Notice has been issued!



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