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Development Permits

A development meeting will only be scheduled after the plans have been approved by all necessary departments.

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Grading Permits - More Information

To request issuance of a grading permit, GSWCC approval and environmental health/sewer approval is required.

Land Disturbance Submittals - More Information

  • Effective April 1, 2024

    • In an effort to streamline the plan review process, LDP Land Disturbance Permit submittals & resubmittals will now ONLY be accepted on Tuesdays from 8:30am- 4pm.

  • Two FedEx labels are required: 

    • Label 1:  Ship to: GSWCC State Headquarters 4310 Lexington Road Athens, GA 30605

    • Label 2: Return to: Barrow County Planning & Community Development 30 North Broad Street Winder, GA 30680​​

    • GSWCC initial submittal is shipped from the Planning Office; however, any resubmittal must be submitted directly to the GSWCC office.

  • ONE CONTACT must be named as the official person to receive comments for their Land Disturbance Application. The contact's email should be placed under the applicant's email space on the application.

  • Digital plans must be submitted with initial Land Disturbance Application/Plans and with final submittal of plans prior to development meeting.

    • Dropbox links, SharePoint links, Google Drive links, and thumb drives are all acceptable digital formats.​

    • Floppy disks and CDs WILL NOT be accepted.

  • All fees must be paid with submittal. 

    • Fees are based on disturbed acreage, as well as acreage of the entire property.

    • The review process WILL NOT begin until the CORRECT FEES have been PAID.

  • GIS must approve all street names prior to scheduling of development meeting.

    • GIS must approve addresses before approval of final plat.​

  • Project name must be approved prior to submittal. ​

    • The address can not be the project name.

    • Changing project names once the application has been submitted is NOT PERMITTED.

  • Phases of the project must be determined at the initial Land Disturbance submittal.

    • If not established at the initial submittal, phasing is NOT PREMITTED.​

  • Development Permit meetings DO NOT take place until ALL written approvals from the appropriate departments have been documented in our system.

  • Resubmittals will require only 2 paper copies and 1 digital copy submitted to Planning & Development. 

Final Plat - More Information

  • Each department will verify the status of completion prior to approval of the final plat.

  • The covenant information must be recorded and filed. In the Final Plat official notice email, include the Deed Book and Page number of the recording.

  • All departments must give their final written approval before the Final Plat is approved.

  • All Maintenance Bonds / Letters of Credit must be approved prior to approval of the Final Plat.

  • GIS must approve the addresses before the Final Plat is approved. 

  • Do I need a permit?
    You will need a permit for any structural change in an existing structure and any building/structures being added to the property. All our permit applications can be found on our Permits page.
  • How do I know where my septic tank is located?
    For any questions about your septic tank, please contact Barrow County Environmental Health at 770-307-3502. Their office is located at 10 W Williams Street, Winder, GA 30680.
  • Do I need a permit for a fence?
    Barrow County does not require a fence permit.
  • How long does it take to get a permit?
    It could take up to three to four weeks to issue a permit. Our office will contact you via email whenever your permit has been approved and take payment at that time.
  • What if I need a State Certification along with a Local License?
    You will need to apply for and receive your State Certification before any Local License can be issued.
  • When does my business license expire?
    All business licenses issued by Barrow County expire December 31st. We apply a late penalty fee of 10% after January 15th. If your license has not been renewed by April 15th of that year, a flat $200.00 late penalty fee will be applied. **Please note, we do NOT send out yearly reminders at this time.
  • What documentation will I need to file a new business license?
    You will need to complete the following forms located on our Licensing page: - New Business License Form - Private Employer Affidavit - O.C.G.A. § 50-36-1(e)(2) AFFIDAVIT - Property Contact Form (only required if you are leasing/renting business location) - Home Office Requirements Form (only required if business will operate out of your home) - Copy of any State license if applicable to your trade. (ex: plumbing license, nursing license, contractor license, etc.) Any additional documentation can be attached your New Business License form by using the paperclip on the top left side of the page when completing the form. *You will receive an email once we review your application to confirm license fees and form of payment if approved.
  • What documentation do I need to renew my business license?
    You will need the following forms located on our Licensing page: - Business License- Renewal - Business License Renewal Attachment (this form will need to be notarized) - Copy of any State license if applicable to your trade. (Ex: Plumbing license, nursing license, contractor license, etc.) *You will receive an email once we review your renewal to confirm renewal fees and form of payment.
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