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Permits and Licensing


  • Do I need a permit?
    You will need a permit for any structural change in an existing structure and any building being added to the property.
  • How do I know where my septic tank is located?
    For any questions about your septic tank, please contact Barrow County Environmental Health at 770-307-3502. Their office is located at 10 W Williams Street, Winder, GA 30680.
  • Do I need a permit for a fence?
    Barrow County does not require a fence permit.
  • How long does it take to get a permit?
    It could take up to three to four weeks to issue a permit. Our office will contact you whenever your permit has been approved.
  • What if I need a State Certification along with a Local License?
    You will need to apply for and receive your State Certification before any Local License can be issued.
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